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June 6, 2012

Drinking Green Tea Lowers Body Weight

 Compelling evidence presented in the journal Nutrition Research makes the irrefutable connection among green tea consumption, lowered body weight and reduced levels of dangerous belly fat. Drinking between 5 and 8 cups of green tea each day was shown to lower body weight by 5.6% and to decrease abdominal fat stores by 17.8% over a period of 8 weeks. Green tea consumption has long been associated with lowered risk of cancer, metabolic syndrome and heart disease. This research provides compelling evidence that green tea boosts metabolism to target fat stores and assists weight loss efforts.

Green tea extracts have been researched extensively over the past decade and are shown to dramatically lower the risk of Alzheimer`s disease and dementia, cardiovascular disease and many forms of cancer. Additional studies have shown that the polyphenols in green tea are a significant factor in improved oral health and can provide necessary support for weight management and control. Green tea is composed of four primary polyphenols (epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epigallocatechin, epicatechin gallate, and epicatechin) that are shown to influence genetic signaling and metabolic rate.

The study was conducted by Polish researchers and used an animal model to determine weight loss and fat accumulation characteristics. The researchers also analyzed cardiovascular risk factors and atherogenesis over an 8 week period. The animals were fed a high fat diet and drank green tea made from either a 1.1% or 2% extract of the active phenolic compound. The results indicate that body weight and fat reduction are dose dependent with maximum results (5.6% lower body weight, 17.8% fat reduction) achieved with the 2% extract.

Researchers also found that both concentrations of green tea extract reduced atherogenesis (initial loss of coronary artery elasticity leading to artery hardening and future heart disease) by 14.3% compared to non-supplemented subjects. The study authors did not determine the mechanism for cardiovascular risk reduction. Prior research has shown that the potent antioxidant content of green tea is responsible for significantly lowered levels of oxidized LDL cholesterol and increased particle size that are consistent with reduced heart disease risk.This study used the equivalent of 5 to 8 cups of green tea consumed each day to achieve optimal weight management, fat reduction and cardiovascular risk reversal. Researchers found that the green tea concentration is important to achieve optimal weight lowering results. Drink 6 cups of green tea daily to help prevent coronary artery disease, assist weight loss and boost fat reduction efforts.

Green tea aqueous extract reduces visceral fat and decreases protein availability in rats fed with a high-fat diet.

Green tea is associated with beneficial health effects mainly because of its body fat-reducing and hypocholesterolemic activities, but an effective dose without pronounced influence on protein availability is unknown. The objective of this study was to examine the hypothesis that green tea aqueous extract (GTAE) depending on dose improves cardiovascular risk indicators such as body weight, visceral fat content, and atherogenic index of plasma and does not have unfavorable effect on protein availability in rats fed with a high-fat diet. The rats fed with a high-fat diet enriched with 1.1 and 2.0% GTAE for 8 weeks had significantly (P < .05) lower atherogenic index (in both groups, about 14.3%). Only administration of 2.0% GTAE significantly (P < .05) decreased body weight gain (5.6%) and prevented visceral fat accumulation (17.8%) in rats. However, considerably (P < .05), reduction in the digestion of protein (but not fat) was observed in both GTAE groups (1.1% GTAE: 82.6% ± 1.8%; 2.0% GTAE: 84.3% ± 0.8%) when compared to the control (93.3% ± 1.5%). It was concluded that GTAE may have preventive effects on the accumulation of visceral fat but only in higher doses. Although both doses improved cardiovascular risk indicators, they, in addition, significantly inhibited protein digestion.

June 2, 2012

Another way to help you shed the pounds fast is by body Detoxification. 
Losing weight can be difficult, especially if you want to take the pounds off fast. One
way that you can use at home body detoxification is to help you lose those extra pounds.
You can provide your body with nutrients and vitamins it needs to function while at the
same time, lose weight.
There are several solutions on the market as well as pills that can help you lose weight by
body detoxification. The main ingredient that you need is water. You can use herbal
supplements along with vitamins to help you lose weight with body detoxification. You
can also use pre-made solutions that you purchase online or in health food stores as a
body detoxification weight loss remedy.
Drinking plenty of water is one of the safest ways to lose weight. Water not only
hydrates your system, but also fills you up and helps you expel excess water. You should
drink 8 glasses of water a day whether or not you are trying to lose weight. Water is even
more essential when you are trying to lose weight.
Water alone, however, is not sufficient when it comes to losing weight.You need to
supply your body with nutrients, especially if you are skipping meals. On top of that, you
need to cleanse the digestive tract so that waste is eliminated. You should look for body
detoxification supplements that will provide your body with the essential vitamins it
needs while helping you lose weight.
Body detoxification is the safe way to lose weight fast. Instead of taking weight loss pills
that often contain illegal pharmaceutical ingredients, you can take off the weight with a
body detoxification system. You can create your own body detoxification by mixing
water with ingredients such as lemon and pepper that will cleanse out your system. There
are also commercial brands of weight loss body detoxification products that you can
Using the body detoxification systems to lose weight is safer than diet drinks that act as
laxatives and contain chemicals. When you are looking for a body detoxification solution
to help you lose weight, look for one that has all natural ingredients instead of one that is
filled with chemicals as this will not only help you lose weight, but will also be healthier
for your body.
Green tea is one of the key components when it comes to weight loss through body
detoxification. Green tea acts like a diuretic and can help you lose weight quicker. You
should drink green tea without sugar in order to get the effects. Drink plenty of green tea
a day and you will find that you are taking off the pounds. Green tea can also be taken in
tablet form if you dislike the taste.
Cranberry also works as a diuretic and can help you lose weight through body
detoxification. Cranberry should be used in tablet form as the juice drinks that you
purchase in the grocery store are loaded with sugar.
Cranberry will also help clean out your urinary tract.
There are many kits on the market that you can use to create your own home body
detoxification solutions that enable you to lose weight. These include those that are
marketed under the name of colon cleansers. Colon cleansing is essential if you want to
lose weight fast as it will eliminate any waste that is left in your intestines. This can help
you lose weight at a dramatic speed if you use it often.
It is important that you drink plenty of water when you are body detoxification to lose
weight. You never want to diet without supplementing yourself with water. By drinking
8 glasses of water a day and using a good, natural body detoxifier, you will take off
weight quicker than dieting alone.
Of course, it goes without saying that you should exercise good common sense when you
are trying to lose weight with body detoxification. body detoxification is not a magic
formula that lets you just lose weight while eating what you want. You still need to
increase your activity as well as reduce the amount of calories that you are consuming.
body detoxification will, however, be an asset to your weight loss and will enable you to
take in nutrients while cleansing your body of waste, helping you to lose weight.

May 3, 2012

FORMULA ONE All Natural HCG Alternative Diet Drops with African Mango. For use with Dr Simeons Fast Weight Loss Diet, 2fl Oz Bottle. Includes Allowable Foods List, Basic Diet Instructions Guide & Customer Service.

Product Features : --

  • Hormone Free. Combines proven and highly sought after weight loss ingredients.
  • Includes AFRICAN MANGO, a must have weight loss supplement as seen on Dr OZ
  • For use with Dr. Simeons Very Low Calorie Diet.
  • Helps eliminate your appetite and enhances your energy without the jitters.
  • Includes Basic diet instructions, allowable foods list and customer support 
Product Descriptions : --

This is the perfect formula of proven weight loss ingredients including African Mango (a must have weight loss supplement as seen on Dr OZ).

These Formula One Oral Diet Drops with African Mango are a non-pharmaceutical, all-natural, hormone free formula that does not require a prescription. They are to be used with a low calorie diet resulting in fast weight loss and a healthier you.

If you have used diet drops before, the adding of African Mango is a powerful addition to an already proven weight loss process. Our repeat customers are reporting better success than with the original Formula One.

Formula One will also increase your energy to help you get through your day in addition to the decreasing of your appetite.

Formula One is manufactured in an FDA Registered, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified facilities in the USA. It is recommended that you should seek approval of your doctor before any diet. If you are pregnant or nursing you should not be on this diet!

Many customers that have used this diet protocol with our Formula One Diet Drops have reported losing 15-35 lbs per round. Where your results may vary, this is the diet thousands of people are losing weight, getting healthy and feeling better with.

You will receive with your order the Basic Diet Instructions and the allowable foods list.

FORMULA ONE All Natural HCG Alternative Diet Drops with African Mango. For use with Dr Simeons Fast Weight Loss Diet, 2fl Oz Bottle. Includes Allowable Foods List, Basic Diet Instructions Guide & Customer Service.

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Customer Reviews :-

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I did Quick Weight Loss and Weight Watchers. Jess from TX  |  12 reviewers made a similar statement
It definitely seems to help with appetite suppression and may boost metabolism and energy levels too. Tallahassee Mom  |  16 reviewers made a similar statement

May 2, 2012

The Right Weightloss Or Diet Plan For You

Obesity , Weight gain , Fat  or any other words that can be describe for it have one thing in common
and that is --> most devastating conditions when it comes to your Health . It's linked to an increased
risk of health problems sush as Diabetes , Heart Disease , High Cholesterol , Joint Pain and others that
you might not think of it such as Alzheimers , Gastrointestinal problems and Cancer.
So what it takes to keep that extra Weight Off ?? What is the right path to take to be Healthy ??
Is it an impossible task to lose that Extra Weight of yours ??
It's not impossible to lose that Extra Weight and it's entirely depend on YOU.
If you want to improve your Health and shed that Extra Weight , all you have to do is make a few
small changes to your everyday routine.
There's a lot of infomation on 'How To Lose Weight' out there that you can find on the internet or
choose a Weightloss or Diet programme that can help you to achive your Weightloss goal.
Remember take one small steps at a time , choose a plan or programme that can help you
lose and keep your ideal Weight.There's no need to fired up quickly and end with a failure.
A Weightloss programme or Diet plan that are disruptive to your lifesyle will Fail eventually.
Find a programme or plan that suits with your lifestyle because this is not a short-term plan but a
long-term and sustainable Be Healthy And Stay Healthy programme for You.

Here are some example of  Weightloss programmes  for you :--

Video 1 -- 7 Week Raw Food Weight Loss Diet

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Get Juicy Cleanse -- Lose Up To 10 Pounds In Ten Days  

Get Juicy Cleanse - 10 Day Detox Program

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Video 2 --  The 14 Day Raw Food Diet And Cleanse

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April 21, 2012

stay forever thin system - supplement ingredients and market research

Ingredient #1 African Mango (Irvingia Gaconensis)
Benefits - Weight Reduction, Heart Health, Cholesterol
African mango works for weight loss by speeding up the body’s metabolism. Toxins block the body’s ability to properly absorb nutrients needed to burn fat. African mango works by eliminating the toxins; allowing the body to acquire the energy needed to burn fat (Egras, AM, et. al. International Journal of Obesity, 2011, pii: 297315. Epub 2010 Aug 10).
 High levels of Vitamin B present in African Mango increases the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, while Adiponectin regulates the absorption of glucose and increase blood flow for better circulation.
One of the most remarkable outcomes seen in patients who use African mango is a significant reduction in LDL cholesterol; increasing heart health, and decreasing the body’s resistance to Leptin; resulting in inches of fat loss from the midsection (Oben JE, Ngondi JL and Blum K,  Lipids in Health and Disease, 2008; 7:44). In a 10-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 102 overweight patients were evaluated the effects of African mango seed extract on body weight (body weight, body fat, waist circumference) and associated metabolic parameters(plasma total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, blood glucose, C-reactive protein, adiponectin, and leptin levels). Patients received either 150 mg of African mango seed extract or placebo 30 minutes before lunch and dinner. Patients receiving the extract improved both weight reduction and metabolic parameters (Ross, SM. Holistic Nursing Practice. 2011, 25(4):215-7).

Ingredient #2 L-Carnitine
Benefits - Burn Fat Faster, Increased Energy, Boosts Stamina
L-Carnitine is a low-molecular-weight compound obtained from the diet that also is biosynthesized from the essential amino acids lysine and methionine. Carnitine boosts energy by stimulating the body's burning of triglycerides as fuel, and sparing the supply of glycogen stored in the liver for heavier exertion. During exercise, the body will burn fat at a rate of 75-80% of maximum exertion, thus less glycogen from carbohydrates is burned. L-carnitine allows the body to burn more fat, save more glycogen, and ultimately boost stamina and endurance. By providing more fat to the muscles, carnitine makes accessible an otherwise unavailable energy source. 

In preliminary clinical trials in patients with ischaemic cardiac disease, therapy with L-Carnitine has shown beneficial effects on myocardial function and metabolism and has improved exercise tolerance in patients with angina pectoris (Goa, KL and Broqden, RN, Drugs. 1987; 34(1): 1-24).  Another study by Hoppel, C shows evidence that therapeutic administration of carnitine shows promise in treating selected groups of patients who have altered carnitine homeostasis, resulting in improved cardiac function, increased exercise capacity and reduced muscle cramps(American Journal of Kidney Diseases, 2003; Apr;41(4 Supp. 4):S4-12).

Ingredient #3 Rhodiola
Benefits - Better Mood, Reduced Fatique, Mental Performance
Rhodiola rosea has long been known as a potent adaptogen. Adaptogens are natural plant substances that increase the body's non-specific resistance and normalize the functions of the body. It is believed that adaptogens work by increasing the ability of cells to manufacture and use cell fuel more efficiently. There is both traditional and pharmacological evidence of use in fatigue, and emerging evidence supporting cognition and mood. A number of clinical trials demonstrate that repeated administration of R. rosea exerts an anti-fatigue effect that increases mental performance (particularly the ability to concentrate in healthy subjects), and reduces burnout in patients with fatigue syndrome (Panossian A, Wikman G and Sarris J. Phytomedicine, 2010; 17(7): 481-93). Rhodiola rosea extract increases the level of enzymes, RNA, and proteins important to muscle recovery after exhaustive exercise. It also stimulates muscle energy status; glycogen synthesis in muscles and liver; muscle protein synthesis and anabolic activity (Panossian A and Wikman G. Current Clinical Pharmacology, 2009; 4(3): 198-219).

Ingredient #4 Pygeum Africanum
Benefits - less cholesterol absorption, prostate benefits
Excess uric acid in the blood stream can clog tiny blood vessels called capillaries and hinder blood circulation. Eventually deposits of uric acid form in various parts of the body, such as the kidneys and prostate. Infusions of African Pygeum bark will "help flush and dissolve uric acid sediment from the body," according to "The Complete Herbal Guide: A Natural Approach to Healing the Body."

Excessive cholesterol in the prostate can contribute to enlargement. African pygeum bark contains substances that lower the amount of cholesterol in the prostate gland. Androgens or male hormones may play a role in prostate enlargement. Since the prostate synthesizes androgens from cholesterol, African Pygeum bark indirectly curtails the production of androgens when it diminishes the amount of cholesterol in the prostate.

The phytosterols, particularly beta-sitosterol, found in African pygeum are anti-inflammatory, inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins.  Alone and in combination with similar phytosterols, beta -sitosterol reduces blood levels of cholesterol, and is sometimes used in treating hypercholesterolemia. When the sterol is absorbed in the intestine, it is transported by lipoproteins and incorporated into the cellular membrane (Awad, A. B. and Fink, C. S. The Journal of Nutrition, 2000; 130: 2127-2130. Phytosterols and phytostanols both inhibit the uptake of dietary cholesterol, decreasing the levels of LDL and serum total cholesterol. Because the structure of beta-sitosterol is very similar to that of cholesterol, beta-sitosterol takes the place of dietary cholesterol which causes less cholesterol absorption in the body (Moreau, R. A., Whitaker, B. D and Hicks, K. B. Progress in Lipid Research, 2002; 41: 457-500).

Ingredient #5 Niacin
Benefits - Energy, Burn More Fat
All B vitamins help the body to convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose), which is used to produce energy. These B vitamins often referred to as B complex vitamins, also help the body use fats and protein and are necessary for healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver. Niacin binds to and stimulates a protein receptor, which causes the inhibition of fat breakdown in adipose tissue (Katzung, Bertram G. (2006). Basic and Clinical Pharmacology. New York: McGraw-Hill Medical Publishing Division). Niacin does not bind this receptor and does not affect blood lipid levels. Lipids that are released from adipose tissue are normally used to build very-low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) in the liver; a precursors of low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Because niacin blocks the breakdown of fats, it causes a decrease in free fatty acids in the blood and, as a consequence, decreases the secretion of VLDL and cholesterol by the liver (Gille A, et al. 2008, Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology; 48: 79-106). A fifteen year mortality study on the long-term benefits of niacin conducted by Canner, PL et al (Journal of the American College of Cardiology.1986; 8(6): 1245–55), found that by lowering VLDL levels, niacin also increases the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and may reduce the risk of a heart disease.

Ingredient #5 Beta-Alanine
Benefits - reduced fatique, improved workouts, increased muscle
Beta-Alanine is an amino acid that helps the body build and repair muscle tissue as a precursor to the compound Carnosine. Carnosine is a compound that aids in reducing fatigue and increasing the overall amount of work that the muscles are able to output and is found in highest concentrations in muscle tissue. Studies are being conducted to investigate its role in recovery and healing, enhancing the immune system, and even as an antioxidant. Del Favero, S (Journal of Amino Acids. 2011, Dec 6) conducted a study with 60-80 year old subjects to determine the effects of Beta-Alanine on muscle Carnosine content and physical capacity. The data from this study indicates for the first time, that Beta-Alanine supplementation is effective in increasing the muscle Carnosine content in healthy elderly subjects, with subsequent improvement in their exercise capacity. Another study by Derave, W. (Journal of Applied Physiology, 2007; 103(5): 1736-43) concluded that muscle Carnosine is increased by oral Beta-Alanine supplementation in sprint-trained athletes and Carnosine loading slightly but significantly attenuated fatigue in repeated bouts of exhaustive dynamic contractions.

Ingredient #6 MACA
Benefits - stamina, energy, improved workouts, libido, anxiety
Maca root is loaded with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, omega fats, amino acids and plant sterols, making it a very nutritious whole food. It has been called a potent “superfood” and can improve your health in many ways. Some of its many health benefits include increasing physical strength, stamina and energy. A recent study states that randomized clinical trials have shown that Maca has favorable effects on energy and mood, may decrease anxiety and improve sexual desire (Gonzales GF, et al. 2009, Forsch Komplementmed; 16(6): 373–80). In fact, Maca is so good at boosting energy and endurance levels; it has being taken by many athletes. For men it can heighten libido, improve semen production, motility, volume and alleviate SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction (Doring, Christina, et al. CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics, 2008; 14(3): 182–191). Maca calms the nerves because of its fatty acid, phosphorus, calcium and B1 and B12 vitamin content and are all very beneficial to the nervous system. Best of all, these healthy compounds are easily assimilated by the body due to maca’s beneficial alkaloids.

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April 20, 2012

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Everybody know's that Bad Cholesterol or Bad Fats will get you too be overweight and after you are being overweight you start to get a lot of diseases.So why don't you avoid or prevent yourself from eating a lot of that Bad Fat.
Smoking , a diet rich in saturated and hydrogenated fats , being overweight and not exercising  will lead
you to diseases.
Stop smoking , eat healthy foods , a diet rich in fruits , soluble fibre and vegetables is good for you if you want lose weight or want to keep that ideal body shape of your's and include Good Fats such as fish or
nuts in your diet as well.

If you want to Burn that Bad Fats of your's and keep your body in shape , why not try to read this free
ebook by Dr.James Pendleton and Dan Robey

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Decide to be healthy

Be healthy or Stay healthy is a goal  either you can reach for or ignore.Only you can decide whether or not
your health is a priority.If you don't make any effort to eat well , exercise , control your eating habits -
( non healthy food) or stress and if you decided that it's not , then you have to blame yourself  for
causing a lot of damage to your health or infecting some chronic diseases.But it's never too late to change
 your mind